Are you the Face of Your Business? Impressions matter.

If you want to grow your business with video, you’re going to need to look the part. You know that crafting amazing video requires more than just great content. You want to make the right visual impression to attract viewers that are ready and willing to listen to your message, but you’re not sure how. To get maximum impact from your videos, you need the confidence and skills to master your image and truly become the face of YOUR business.

Based on her experience transforming hundreds of clients from fashion rookies into camera-ready women of style, Rachel Nachmias offers a step-by-step process to becoming your most beautiful and confident self and creating videos that grow your following and turn viewers into clients willing to pay top dollar for your expertise.

In the International Bestselling book, The Face of the Business, you will learn how to:

·         Dress like the brilliant expert you already are – and get compensated accordingly

·         Know exactly how to choose your best styles and avoid the rampant fashion myths that undermine your results

·         Finally get your wardrobe working for you and your business

·         Leverage your beauty potential on camera to attract thousands, or even millions of viewers

·         Develop your signature style and never let your appearance hold you back again

If you dream of creating a personal style that is an asset in your business and not a liability, The Face of the Business is for you. 


Reading this book feels like your best girlfriend (who also happens to be an expert stylist) is sitting across the table teaching you everything you never knew you needed to know about expressing yourself through fashion, as a woman and a #ladyboss
- Melinda Parrish, Plus-size Supermodel

Smart, practical, thoughtful, original. Rachel Nachmias has fit the proverbial nail on the head with her insights and analysis. This book was like getting a lightening blast of energy and hope rolled into one bolt! Equally Inspirational and practical. I can do this!
- Tracy Themes, Financial Advisor,

 Rachel’s approach lets women master shopping, find peace, and love themselves all over again. Whether appearing on film or simply getting dressed every day, your appearance will be more beautifully you than ever before. The Face of the Business is filled with strategies to help you do this for yourself. Along with the most relevant insights on the meaning of presentation for today’s woman, you’ll find page after page of practical, do-able advice. Today can be the day to believe that you’re ready to play the lead role in your videos and your life.

- Christine Scaman, founder of 12 Blueprints Personal Colour Analysis

Presenting yourself well on camera can drive dramatic upswing in your business. This book of tips, tactics and approaches for dressing to appear on camera make it easy to create videos both you and your audience love.

- Lee Heyward, Image Strategist and author of Strategically Suited

Knowing my archetype has absolutely transformed my self esteem and my relationship with clothing and shopping. I know that my body is not the problem- certain clothing items are! I now have a small, well-curated wardrobe of items I love and which flatter me to my best advantage, without trying to disguise anything that's supposedly "wrong" with me. That's one of my favorite aspects of Rachel's system: she doesn't operate under the premise that certain features are positive or negative. They just are. 

- Cate Linden, Personal Color Analyst

I LOVE this book! Rachel has such a talent for explaining fashion in an approachable, coherent and inclusive manner, while still making the topic fun and exciting. I feel it's so important for women to hear this wisdom: there is no one "right" way to look! There are no good or bad, right or wrong body types or colorings, only garments and color choices that are better or worse at showcasing your individual assets. By repeating your own unique physical beauty in line and color, you will create your own successful and harmonious style. She not only explains the whys behind your best and worst looks, she gives you comprehensive guidelines and tools to encourage autonomy in the creation of your own best image. Whether you know a little or a lot about fashion , whether you are the face of a business, or just a woman who wishes to feel great in her clothes, this book is a great resource! As someone who struggled to understand and dress my own changing body after having children, I am so grateful for the validation, direction and confidence this knowledge brought into my life. Today, if I have a tough time trying on clothes, I never think my body is wrong. I simply see that I am wearing the wrong garment for my body; the distinction is powerful. In an age when women are often told that we must adhere to a very narrow ideal of beauty, please read this book and throw that entire premise out the window! You can cultivate and enjoy a beautiful and exciting personal style by simply being what you already are. <3

- Victoria F.

The style of this book is straightforward and sincere. It touches the heart, calls for a self-respect and enlightens the way out of the despair that has been build around the real women's bodies by the current mainstream culture. Both systematic and personal, this book not only shows that each and every human body is a part of the beautiful Magic of Nature, but tells exactly how to let it show to the world. Don’t correct your flaws. Love and let flourish your beauties, so nobody will notice you are not perfect in any sense. Where we belong to in the beauty typology, what are our superpowers and how to use them – all that and more. It’s witty and it’s worth reading.

- Veronika L.

Rachel brings logic and process to the otherwise heady and artistic world of personal styling. She expertly weaves your professional needs and innate design into crafting an image that will render your business more successful. Most importantly, Rachel does an excellent job of teaching the reader how to be their own expert. I felt empowered to deepen my understanding of what my clients, students, and patients need, who I want to be, and who I was designed to be. With that knowledge I feel more confident in going forward with more public aspects of my own business. An excellent tool for people like me, who are new to the public eye, especially.

- Ashley B.

...A therapy session I did not know I needed... It can be terrifying looking your best sometimes. You are saying to the world, “I AM BEAUTIFUL”. .... I am grateful Rachel wrote this book. I can go back and remind myself it is ok to love how you look. I fully recommend this book to anyone who wishes to feel the same.
- Jessica S.

What I love most about the book, and Rachel's work overall, is that it validates and celebrates everyone's body, exactly as it is. This isn't a book that's going to tell you how to "hide your flaws" or "maximize your assets," because in this world, there are no flaws and assets. The overwhelming message is: Your body is fine, right now, no changes needed. And then she gives detailed instructions and advice on how to dress your body to look your best. Reading it will help a lot of women to figure out how to maximize their visual impact, bring distorted body images back into focus, and empower women to reclaim themselves and their inherent beauty and power. Plus, it's a fun read with beautiful illustrations to boot. Like hanging out with a super cool, super stylish big sister/ fairy godmother who's bent on helping you get what you want out of this life. Highly recommended!
- Pam M.

The messages in this book are very body positive, working with your physical body and desires rather than trying to mold them into a more mainstream shape. As someone who often does NOT see myself in advertisements, I did enjoy reading such positive statements....
- Marion T.

This book is doing more than prepare me to dress for the career I want, it's giving me the confidence to put myself out in the world unabashedly and ready to take over my field. Implementing the advice and following the method is a fantastic and interesting journey. I'm learning to love myself the way I am and incorporate my desires into my look. I absolutely recommend it!
- Ashley K.

Rachel’s methods have changed not only how I dress, but also how I perceive myself and other women. I used to think that there was one narrow standard of beauty, and that I was deficient for not having the features to meet that standard. I got frustrated when trendy clothing and colors didn’t work on me, and my closet was cluttered and disorganized with such items. Rachel’s philosophy offers a different perspective – the unique features of women’s bodies should be emphasized and flattered, not disguised or made to fit a narrow mold...... I came away from reading this book with a clear idea of how I want to present myself to others and make myself stand out. I highly recommend Rachel’s book, even if you are not a business owner and have no plans to step in front of a video camera. Knowing your most flattering style and colors has transformative power. When you put this knowledge into practice, you will witness your inner confidence flourish.
- Kimberly H.

....the book opened a whole new door of understanding for me on how to achieve the holistic balance I am after both personally and professionally. Words feel kind of bleak trying to explain the emotional connection I felt with the content. In my case getting the image analysis have been an important factor in my inward development, and nothing feels as beautiful as having your exterior and interior sing the same song. 
- Naomi E.

This book is a jewel. It's message is authentic and life transforming. You will get every tool you need to develop your personal style. You will be equipped with tremendous style wisdom and enormous confidence about your body and appearance, too. A required read for every woman.
- Jennifer S.

 The overall theme struck a cord, in that there is pressure for women to live up to some mainstream idea of what looks good but yet what would work much better is to accept ourselves, with no judgement, and work with that. Scattered throughout with humour and frankness, you feel a confidence in this method and inspired to work with it.
- Tammy W.

 .....Like all the best books, this book is about you. Most style advice is tries to put everyone in the same generic ‘look’ - with results that are just a little, well, bland. Instead, Rachel’s book gives you the tools to define your message, your taste, your colouring, and your body type (and none of that lousy apple/pear/pineapple stuff :P)....
- Floortje M.

Rachel reassures the reader that however she looks, particularly if she is outside the social norms, that it is worth her while celebrating and embracing who she is right now.
- Helen G.

.....Rachel provides an easy way to define your style, discover your archetype and begin building a wardrobe that suits you. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to define or refine their own signature style.
- Morgan H.

Rachel’s take on the importance and process of creating a professional image is at once refreshingly practical, endlessly flexible, and unquestionably self-empowering. Her words fly in the face of received fashion “wisdom” to instead validate and reinforce a message that all women need to hear: “Beauty is not something that you need to source from the outside, it is simply what you are when you remove distortion or dilution….Your visual potential and the potential to use it to make an impact on the world is literally your birthright.” ...Utilizing her system of Image Archetypes, I can assess myself intuitively, rather than needing to measure each and every body part--and surprisingly, I find I fit quite cleanly into one of the ten Archetypical body plans (despite my pervasive “mediumness,” which I expected to lead to confusion and “analysis paralysis”). Even more pleasantly surprising is discovering that while I have been dressing as a different Archetype for the last several years, there are reasons why it resonates with me, and I am perfectly free to consider incorporating elements of that Archetype into my Signature Style. Because--and this is the best part of all--as we choose to claim and realize the potential of our universal birthright, there are no wrong answers!
- Sarah M.

This book is not about fixing yourself, your "flaws", but about embracing yourself, and by doing that, we see that the beauty was there all along, and that we just needed to learn what to do with it....I found this book to be a breath of fresh air, to be told that we are OK just as we are. It's a relief to know that I can stop trying to look like that girl in the magazine with those clothes on, because I'll NEVER look that way, because I am not made to. I instead, can be a different amazing, the amazing that is ME...
- Shelly R.

...A loving appreciation for the infinite varieties of beauty, this book offers a roadmap for developing and refining one’s signature style. ...Rachel ...asks us to go further, and personalize our appearance in ways that are meaningful for us. 

- Carrie V

Who knew I could love my body more just by rethinking the kind of clothes I wore?
- Heather W.

...I'm just such a big fan of the great work Rachel does. I love that this book is encouraging you to find and love yourself and that you don't need to diet or hide your body to look your absolute best in clothes.
- Lyndall C

The resounding theme (of fashion blogs is) wear-what-you-love or cover-up-your-flaws, two principles that didn't work for me after much experimentation and dressing room tears... The activities in The Face of the Business have helped me love wearing everything in my closet. But more than that, my clothes express the individual that I am....My goal going through this book was to just look put together, but consequentially I spend less time getting dressed in the morning, look forward to shopping, and know my Signature Style Manifesto has started to save me a lot of money and stress. I was a little nervous diving into the style exercises because I am extremely self-UNaware. And as soon as I thought, "Oh, this could be bad...", Rachel had some very practical tools and tips to help me push through, all the while she was giving me confidence to trust my gut. This experience has given me freedom to be me and empowerment to be a courageous business woman. I even have been experimenting with live video, and have already noticed a great response from my viewers!
- Marissa G.

I’ve gained so much confidence from her, through learning how to embrace being uniquely me, instead of trying to fit myself into the versions of ideal that we’re so regularly presented with in our day to day lives. It’s been so liberating to learn why the majority of clothes in stores don’t flatter me and to find out how to choose, and style, the ones which do.
- Katrine W.

This is a very refreshing take for a book in the "how to dress" genre....The tools that Rachel provides are so essential for women looking to communicate who they are in such an image- and video-dominant world.
- Stephanie R

... Forever turn off the insidious messages from the beauty industry that we are not good enough as we are.
- Lisa K.

Rachel's message that your clothes should serve and flatter you, not the other way around, is truly transformational and empowering. 
- Cathleen J. 

... If you're sick to death of reading articles about how to "fix your figure flaws" this book is for you. In the conversational style of a best girlfriend, Rachel shares tips and strategies for developing your Style Manifesto, By stepping into your personal style identity and owning your look, you'll be seen as stylish without having to follow every trend, competent without needing to brag on yourself, and put together for any occasion. Owning your style will save time and money - you'll be able to skim through even the most disorganized stores and emerge with a few pieces that elevate your style in less time than it takes to read that latest "Best Jeans for Your Butt" article. This book is a must read for women looking to increase their number of views and followers, and move their business to the next level, or for any lady who's ready to quit trying to minimize or fix who she is to fit a boring fashion industry mold.
- Shelly J.

This book is life changing, and I am in no way kidding. Everything you've ever hated or felt uncomfortable about with your wardrobe is addressed, and then you are given a plan to remake it to your own personal specifications. It's simple and straightforward (enough to make you wonder why no one has put it all together like this before), but not always easy. And it is so rewarding. Don't let the title fool you, this book is for anyone and everyone who feels, however overtly or subconsciously, that their image isn't saying what they want it to say. I can't recommend it enough!
- Adrienne F.

A delightfully insightful and practical tool set to learning about yourself, and then presenting that self-discovery to the world. 
- Roopi G. 

 In sum, it’s a process-oriented, self-empowering style book that matches some inspiring passages with a framework for organizing how you undertake your own style transformation. 
- Katherine A.

Rachel has a way of describing physical traits in a way that takes away any negative stigma we may have attached along the way (be it from our own self-consciousness or criticism from others) and making us own it.
- Autumn H. 

Rachel communicates - she has a unique way of presenting complex concepts simply and clearly. Highly recommend- you will walk away changed and informed.

- Michelle A.